Digital Learning

The Digital Learning Team at CMS provides professional development and support to staff (individuals, small groups, entire facilities, and administration) with emphasis on the integration of technology into the curriculum in both classroom and lab settings with the goal of improving student achievement.

Digital Learning Support

Each member of our Digital Learning Team are former classroom teachers that would love to come into your classroom to support you in a variety of ways, such as lead/co-teaching, lesson planning, or to provide individualized professional development. If you aren't sure how to make an appointment with your school Digital Learning Coach, simply shoot at email to Steven Morgan and tell him you would like support with digital learning!

Cavern Crusade 

Cavern Crusade is an online professional learning game designed for our teachers at all skill levels. Each activity take a short time to complete and is self-paced and choice-driven. As CMS employees complete learning activities and missions within the game, they earn valuable points that can be exchnaged for cool new tech tools in their classroom. Click here to log in to the game, or click here to view our Cavern Crusade Catalog.

Cavemen Tech Tools

In addition to the Cavern Crusade, the Digital Learning Team also produces a weekly newsletter called Cavemen Tech Tools. Cavemen Tech Tools is designed to help teachers stay up to date on the latest trends in digital learning, so click here to check it out!