05-21-2019 Board Meeting

05-21-2019 Board Meeting
Posted on 05/24/2019


Dr. Allery was born and raised in Carlsbad where she attended school and graduated from Carlsbad High School. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Wayland Baptist University. She went on to earn her Master’s degree in Agency Counseling and her Doctorate of Philosophy in School Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. 24 years ago, she called Carlsbad Schools to speak with someone about a grant. They offered her a job, and she has been with the district ever since. She was the first school psychologist that the district hired as an official employee in that capacity. Dr. Allery was instrumental in the development of crisis plans and teams and the development of threat assessments in the district. She has helped the district through many difficult times. Thanks Dr. Allery!

Dr Teresa Allery with School Board
Dr.Allery with the School Board.

Joyce Bird is retiring this year and will be sorely missed. Those who have had the privilege of working with Joyce know her to be an amazing, outstanding, loyal person and friend.  Her work ethic is incomparable. She wastes no time at work, giving 100% of her effort to ensuring that children get the best services possible and other responsibilities are completed.  She has worked with some of the most challenging students but with her vast knowledge and skills, has helped them to strengthen their abilities.  Appreciative parents are sometimes brought to tears when they see the progress their child makes. Congrats Joyce!

Byrd with the School Board
​Joyce Bird with the School Board.

Mia lost her hearing in one ear at age 10, and began getting severe ear infections in her other ear during high school. She was worried she would ultimately lose her hearing in both ears. She knew that it would be easier to learn sign language while she still had some ability to hear, so she made the decision to attend the New Mexico School for the Deaf during her junior year of high school. After high school, she went on to graduate from Gallaudet University with a bachelor’s degree in Deaf Studies.

We were fortunate to find Mia last year to help work as an instructional assistant with a few of our students who are deaf. Those students showed tremendous progress with her support. Because the ASL Service Corps was unable to find someone to support our district his year, Mia has had the opportunity to take on a bigger role across the district. She has been working with several students at Ocotillo, Desert Willow, CIS, and CHS. She has started an ASL club for students. She offers free classes and tutoring after school in Artesia, and a number of our students’ parents have driven there to learn sign language from her. During Wednesday PLC times, she has been training a cohort of instructional assistants who work in the district to use sign language so that we can support a greater number of students with hearing impairments. Mia has been a true asset to the district. Her goal is to one day become a special education teacher. She also hopes to develop a deaf community in Carlsbad in order to better serve students and families with hearing impairments.

SPED IA with the School Board
Mia with the School Board.


We are so proud to announce that Preva Balencia was awarded and accepted to the 2019 BA/MD cohort at UNM! 

The program is designed as a pathway to medical school for bright, caring NM high school students who have a goal of working as a doctor in New Mexico.  The program offers a full-ride scholarship that covers housing, food, books and tuition for four years of her undergraduate degree. The program provides students with small, active-learning style courses for the pre-med core, a prep-course for the MCAT, personalized guidance, and a reserved seat in medical school. 

Congratulations to Preva Balencia! We look forward to the great things to come from her and the class of 2019. Preva Valencia with the School BoardPreva with the School Board.


NWP hosted a reception to honor the teacher recipients of the $9,500 mini-grants that were given.  Congratulations and thanks to NWP for their continued support of CMS teachers.

NWP Mini Grant Recipients
NWP Representative, Kevin Donovan, and the mini-grant recipients with the School Board.

Dr. Missi Currier was honored for her outstanding support of the Carlsbad Municipal School District and her leadership during the SB9 Mill Tax Levy campaign.  Board Member, Ron Singleton, presented her with the award.

Missi Currier Award
Dr. Missi Currier with the School Board.

Cary Baird, Chevron representative, was celebrated for their support of the Carlsbad Municipal School District.  They have donated over $700,000 to CMSD since 2015.  They have helped with the Discovery Education partnership and other district initiatives.

Cary Baird with the School Board
​Chevron representative, Cary Baird, with the School Board.

Michelle Odemwingie​ is the Chief of Staff & Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for the Achievement Network (ANet), supporting senior leaders with an eye towards the organization’s long-term goals and strategic direction. This is another CMS partnership team that has worked closely with school leaders and administrators during the past year. She shared a summary of the year 1 work that was completed.